-Weather - rain, fog, snow, clouds, rainbows, storms
- Meteorologist, meteorological instruments
- Flooding; cleanup, submerged buildings, barns
- Snow storms, traffic, people playing in snow, sledding
- September 11 memorials
- Kentucky Derby horse racing, fans, Churchhill Downs
- Erie Miami canal sites in Ohio, historic canal locks
- Ohio River dams and locks, Barges, recreation, Falls of the Ohio River, -
- Historic military aircraft, historic aircraft restoration
- Wright Brothers historic sites Dayton, Oh., Wright 3 flyer, Wright B –flyer, Huffman Prairie - Dayton Air show, Blue Angels aircraft
- Firefighters memorial march, Police memorial march - Firefighters
- Police working, in riot gear, on horseback - Train derailments
- Car-truck accidents - Public demonstrations, rioting, police actions, arrests
- Klu Klux Klan, KKK cross, demonstrations against
- Sports - baseball, football, soccer, softball, golf, hockey
- Stained glass production, Kokomo Glass, Blenko glass
- Glass blowing, Blenko Glass - Airliner pilots strike
- Farming, farm life, harvesting crops - Fireworks, fireworks production
- Paddlewheel boats, Tallstacks riverboat festival, paddlewheels,
- Castle, hand built Loveland castle
- Building construction, demolition, - Highway construction
– Stadiums construction
- Indian mounds, earthworks, Hopewell, Adena
- High school students planting trees, prairie
- Aerials, farms, cities, suburbs, factories, train yards
- Transportation, barges, ocean freighters, trucks, trains/rail, rail yards
- Marathons, running - Recycling, paper, metals, glass, plastic
- Families, children playing - Pets, dogs and cats
- Christmas, displays, train displays, home decorations, Nativity scenes
- People working at computers, construction sites,
- Landfills, dumps, illegal roadside dumping
- Underground Railroad, Rankin House, historic buildings and sites, tunnels, - Freedom Center,

-National Parks - Olympic, Washington, St., Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, Organ Pipe, Arizona, Rocky Mountain national Park, Colorado
Everglades National Park, Florida, Canyonlands, Utah ,Arches, Utah
Daniel Boone National forest, Red River Gorge, Kentucky
New River gorge, West Virginia
Big South Fork National rec. area, Kentucky
Joshua Tree and Anza-Borrego desert, California
Glacier National Park, Montana, Cumberland Gap

North American birds -Marsh and water birds, ducks, mallards, pintail, woodduck, swans, geese, cormornat, white and brown pelican, sandhill crane, Great blue, black crowned night, yellow crowned night, green herons, Roseate spoonbill, egrets, herons and egrets nesting, gulls and shorebirds, terns, killdeer nesting and broken wing behavior, ptarmigan, vultures, hawks, bals eagle, barred and saw whet owls, Clarks nutcracker, magpie, songbirds nesting and singing, bird feeders, warblers, cardinals, woodpeckers, sparrows

North American mammals- Mule and white tailed Deer, Gray whale, sea lion, harbor seals, Grizzly bear, Black bear, moose, moose with young, Big Horn sheep, Elk, Coyote, beaver, beaver dam, beaver chewed trees, squirrel, mountain goat, marmot, woodchuck, bison, pica, manatee, Zoo animals, Endangered animal breeding
North American reptiles, snakes turtles, amphibians, frogs, newts salamanders, eggs and embryos, insects and spiders

-Outdoor sports - whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling, ice climbing. ballooning, glider flying, backpacking, camping, biking (on-off road), cross country skiing, spelunking, golf. Snorkeling, bird watching, parachuting, fishing, horse back riding, wind sailing
Hiking - on cliffs, in snow, through woods, desert, mountains
- Great Lakes, Lake Erie, Lake Michagin, sand dunes, islands, recreation
-Rivers, Yough, New, Ocoee, Big South Fork, Gauley, Ohio, Falls of the Ohio River, fossils,

Ohio river, frozen creeks, frozen waterfalls -River Pollution
- erosion from air and water, landslides, river and creek bank erosion
-Electricity production, Solar power, wind mill generators, coal production plants, Hydro electric -Coal mining, coal in trains and barges
-Zoo animals and keepers -Endangered animals in zoo; breeding and babies
-The Wilds, reclaimed strip mine made into outdoor Zoo
- raptor rehabilitation, veterinarians working
- Deciduous forest, freshwater marsh, Prairie, Tundra, desert, coniferous forest
- Invasive plants- kudzu, honey suckle, tamrisk
- Insects, Cicadas, spiders, praying mantis, butterflys
- Soil types - Erosion from wind and water, roads and hillsides
- Volcano; volcanic crater – Drought - Zebra muscle - Moon, Hale-Bop comet
-Appalachian mountains, cityscapes, Chicago,
-Spring wildflowers, mountain tundra flowers and plants, Gardens, trees, Fungi
-Kansas oil fields
-Landscapes and scenics of mountains, deserts, oceans, lakes and marshes, waterfalls
- Sunsets and sunrises over mountains, oceans, deserts, lakes, forests
- Oceans – Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California
-Arizona - desert plants, cacti, Sonoran desert plants and animals, hikers and backpackers. soil types, rivers ,Mountains and rock formations, Kit peak national observatory
-Utah - Great Basin desert plants and animals, soil types
sandstone formations and; arches,Petroglyphs, hiking, backpacking
-Florida - snorkeling, birds, alligators, bird watchers, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, canopy walk, hammocks, pine/palm woodlands, Marsh, tidal pools, mangrove swamp
-Colorado - Rocky Mountains and rock formations, fisherman, fishing, mountain roads, mountain landscapes, Arkansas river, Colorado River, Continental divide, hikers, backpackers, Tundra
-WashingtonState - Pacific Ocean, Tidal pools, tidal pool life, logging, rain forest, snowfields, old growth rain forest, sea stack rock formations,
-California, Desert and Ocean environments, tidal pools, whales, slot canyons, desert wildflowers blooming, ocean storms,
-Tennessee - Smoky Mountains, Appalachian Trail, backpacking, barns, Cumberland Gap, Ocoee river rafting and kayaking, hiking creeks, rivers, rock formations, birds mammals,
-Kentucky - Cumberland Falls, Red River Gorge, Daniel Boone State Forest, Big South Fork, Sloan Valley caves, Mammoth Cave, tourist cave guides
-Montana - Glacier National Park - Hiking, backpacking and camping. Mammals, birds and plant life. Forest fires and firefighters. Glaciers, glacial lakes and valleys, moraines, glacial grooves. Waterfalls, landscapes, tourist and tourist locations, snow avalanche damage, Flathead lake, Kootenai river, falls,




-East Africa - Tanzania and Kenya

Parks include The Selous, Saadani, Mukumi, Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha National park, The Serengeti, Masai Mara, Mt. Meru, Mt. Kilimanjaro,
People and Cultures - Masai, small town and village life, fisherman, fishing boats,
Tourists, safaris, animals and tourists, hikers, park rangers
Olduvi gorge, Rift Valley, rivers and river life, Olmoti volcano crater,
Agama lizard, crocodile, monitor lizard, chameleon
Acacia tree, baobab tree, savannah and grasslands,
Mammals - lions, lions with young, cheetah, cheetah family, wildebeest, zebra, Zebra with young, buffalo, monkeys, baboon, gazelle, Elephants, elephants with young, feeding, drinking, warthog, Giraffe, rock hyrax, black rhinoceros, topi, topi with young,
Waterbuck, bat-eared fox, jackal, hyena, hippopotamus, impala,
Birds – Kingfishers, marabou stork, Yellow billed stork, herons, cranes, flamingo, Egyptian geese, ducks, ostrich, eagles, kites, secretary bird, bustard vultures, guineafowl, spurfowl, hornbills, starling, weavers building nests, bee-eaters,

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